Union Station ~ Kansas City, Missouri ~ October 29, 2013

Lighting up the Tree

Lighting Up the Tree



View from the Bridge

From the Bridge


4 Responses to “Union Station ~ Kansas City, Missouri ~ October 29, 2013”

  1. Love your new photo’s. That view from the Bridge is incredible. The buildings look like a row over giants walking out of the fog.

  2. I really love the variety of shots here, Marciana – color, b&w, indoor, ourdoor, close up, vistas. I particularly like the Bridge – it has a timeless feel to it!

    • Dara Russell Says:

      Great work Marciana. Love the Christmas Tree with the starry light and love all the angles, lines and shapes in the waiting room. The fog and wet pavement are definitely winners in From the Bridge.

  3. KayZer SozAe Kingg Says:

    I really like ‘Lighting Up The Tree’…no ornaments just lights…so simple so beautiful. Kind of reminds me of what we all really need to be around the holidays…not about the bells and whistles or presents just simply Love for your family and the World. Great picture. Happy Holidays

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