On the Rocks

120812_0056_57_58_59_60Natural with dust out and layers small for posting

Wilson Lake ~ Sylvan Grove, KS  ~ December 8, 2012


6 Responses to “On the Rocks”

  1. KayZer SozAe King Says:

    Great view.

  2. bruce hogle Says:

    the lake is pretty interesting with the water level down isn’t it? Brian & I were at that spot on a Friday evening about a month ago.


  3. This feels “otherworldly” to me… like “I’m not in Kansas any more.” 🙂

  4. McCloughan, Roger Says:

    Wow! This is just beautiful, M. Always good to hear from you!

    Roger McCloughan

    New Jersey Department of Education

    Division of Academics

    Phone: (609) 984 – 0163

    Fax: (609) 292 – 7279

    Email: roger.mccloughan@doe.state.nj.us

  5. I gotta like those clouds….. and the way the texture of the rocks echoes the texture of the sky…

  6. markrad46 Says:

    Beautiful composition and processing. Great use of foreground.

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