Arvonia Schoolhouse at Sunset


Arvonia Schoolhouse at Sunset ~ Arvonia, Kansas ~ November 4, 2012


4 Responses to “Arvonia Schoolhouse at Sunset”

  1. The whole look of this photograph is brilliant. I wanted to know, is the grass naturally like that or did you use an affect? Being a person that knows how to pay great attention to detail. In all honesty some of your work is quite amazing. They should be were more eyes can see them. I feel they are that great, they should be displayed at photography art galleries, airports, prestige offices, hotels, hospitals, coffee shops, big skyscraper buildings (in the lobby where a lot of eyes will see them daily), etc… You should seriously research and pursue the avenues to get your brilliant body of work out to the World. And don’t forget the monetary compensation that comes with this…the satisfaction and sheer joy you will feel knowing that hundreds, thousands, and perhaps millions of people are seeing your work. Also imagine what kind of pictures achieving this goal will inspire you to take.

  2. Very serene and peaceful. Like the composition.

  3. Great photo. Always nice to see a schoolhouse!

  4. Reblogged this on MySchoolhouseRocks and commented:
    A lovely photo of a schoolhouse from Marciana Vequist Photography. Please visit her blog!

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