Man Contemplating Sunset

Man Contemplating Sunset ~ Clinton Lake ~ Lawrence, Kansas ~  November 2, 2012


6 Responses to “Man Contemplating Sunset”

  1. WOW. I am at a lost where to start with this one. With my art every small detail is a major decision. The decision it took to see this in nature…the foresight to take a picture of it… the angle…the reflection on the water…the way your art borrows from the sky and the Sun… So much deep meaning in this one. Great work for Marciana.

  2. KayZer SozAe KING (Music Producer) Says:

    At first I looked at this photograph on my phone. From the way it looked on my phone the main focus was the two trees, the Sun, the water, etc… It wasn’t till later that I saw the name of it ‘Man Contemplating Sunset’. I asked what man? This prompted me to look at the photograph on my computer. Seeing the photograph bigger…I see the man. This is another aspect of how each individual gets something wonderful and different from your photographs. When I first saw this photograph on my phone it meant something totally different to me…from the 2 trees then radiating out to the rest of the photograph. After seeing the name and seeing the man in the bigger version of the photograph your art work took on 2 totally different views for me. Both views are great and I like how one photograph takes on 2 lives. In my musical mind it’s similar to hearing a new song you really like, after hearing the song many more times…you realize that some of the lyrics says something different than what you originally thought and it makes you like the song even more.

  3. Queencheckmate Says:

    Simply wonderful.

  4. markrad46 Says:

    Great images of Clinton Lake.

  5. Must admit the trees grabbed my attention, to me they seem to be embracing one another (their branches and roots). Sort of reminded me of how humans romantically comfort one another whilst watching the sunset over a beautiful setting … I think you may be inspiring a poem from me 😛

    Lovely shot and I think the title also reflects the magnitude perhaps what the man is contemplating?? Thanks for sharing.

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