October was photowalk month!  Photowalks are fantastic for making new friends, catching up with old friends, taking photos, and generally having a great time.

On October 6, Lawrence photographers did a downtown photowalk.


Pathway to Serenity

Lawrence is a Journey, Not a Destination

On October 13, I participated in Scott Kelby’s 5th annual World Wide Photowalk day. It was my third time and it was so much fun!

For the Love of It ~ City Market ~ Kansas City, Missouri

Rained Out ~ City Market ~ Kansas City, Missouri


4 Responses to “Photowalkin’”

  1. Jim Mooney Says:

    I really like the two City Market shots. Great colors in one and just a cool shot on the other.

  2. markrad46 Says:

    Hi Marciana–I like all your images, but my favorite is “Rained Out”. The bright colors juxtaposed with the empty market place creates a sense of hope for the vendors. Really nice.

  3. All wonderful shots. For the Love of It is my top fave and love the colors and details in Lawrence is a Journey. So glad we were able to do the City Market walk together.

  4. Thank you for sharing your art and great talent with the World. As I look at these pictures each one makes me feel such different wonderful emotion. The fact is your pictures touch and heal people and the World in ways that you will never fully understand. Every individual gets something different, that mean something different to each one of them. It could just be an item in the photo, color, angle, etc…that triggers a memory, emotion etc…For example it’s similar to reading a book, even thou everyone that reads the same book gets the same story but the images visualization of the book while reading it is as unique to each individual as finger prints. Or a song everyone that hears the same song hears the same lyrics or music on the core level the experience is very different to each individual. Trust me sound and music is something I know well. So there’s no way you can fully understand the way your pictures heal and bring happiness to each person. Thank you so much, keep taking them and sharing.

    KayZer SozAe KING

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